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Our woods project is done!

I’ve been working on this for months in 30-45 minute installments with the girls while Katy was making lotion. 20 bags of garbage, scrap metal, rugs, rusty camping gear, and a discarded porch hauled out and three trees saved from invasive vines, but the real question was what to do with the big pieces of slate, granite, and hundreds of bricks we found all over our hill.

From the beginning, we wanted it to be a “re-arrangement” with nothing new brought in (albeit $5 of landscape fabric), and for it to have a Rivendell feel of ruins in the forest. The girls did their share of the hard work, and the seal of completion has been watching how much they love playing here now.

Here’s some pictures!

 Joel and Katy




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  • Mary Jo Felice on

    Impressive! Blown away by your initial vision for this spot! That is hard backbreaking work and it came out gorgeoso! This is the perfect time of year to enjoy this little slice of heaven – before the heat and humidity visit!
    Enjoy your little sanctuary! It’s lovely!

  • Beth Cote on

    Hello. Like what u r doing on the farm! I live in Salisbury Mass. I was given a bottle of your shea butter lotion and Love it! Would like to get another! Do u sell locally? How much would it cost?

  • Kristin G Shaw on

    Just checking out your website… This spot is sooooo cool! Bet you’re enjoying it very much in the summer months..

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