These are just a few of our failures so far in 2021. New shaving soap that seized, candle formula that dried with a giant hole down the middle (I literally sat there staring at it thinking, 'I have never seen wax behave this way before), and a batch of soap we made with a slightly different process that worked beautifully and would allow us to scale our batch sizes, only to be cut open the next morning and be gel on the inside. I had actually jumped up and down when I thought this one worked. Now, we have to figure out whyyyy this happened. Temperature is my best guess so far 🧐
This is by far the most frustrating part of being a maker and where you feel at war with yourself for wanting to give up on a formula and still being so excited to perfect it.
Rest assured, there are new things to come! Onwards into the breach dear makers. Tomorrow, we make again.

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