Dopey Bug Patio Candle
Dopey Bug Patio Candle

Dopey Bug Patio Candle

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By popular request, we’ve designed Dopey Bug candles using our 100% natural coconut soy wax infused with our Dopey Bug essential oil blend of citronella, rosemary, lemongrass, cedar, geranium, peppermint, and wintergreen essential oils to repel mosquitos, flies, and ticks (albeit in candle form this is really to target flies and mosquitos).

Each candle comes in a tin with a double cotton wick meticulously tested to burn to the edge over 3-4 hours to maximize burn time. Because tins with open flames get hot, we’ve also included a cork coaster to protect your surfaces from any heat.

To care for your candle, bring inside when you’ve put it out so that the tin isn’t exposed to rain, which will cause it to rust. Water in candle wax also causes a reaction that increases the size of the flame, so be sure to put the lid on afterwards.

Enjoy your time outdoors!

<3 Joel and Katy

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