Thanks for shopping! <3 Joel and Katy
Thanks for shopping! <3 Joel and Katy
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100% Natural Lavender Linen Spray and Lavender Air Spray and Lavender Pillow Spray to calm

Linen Spray **Top Secret**

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Ingredients: Water, Ethyl Alcohol, Essential Oil or Fragrance Oil 

Size: 4 oz

I’ve been spritzing my pillow a few times before bed, and I love it. I’m one of those people who gets high anxiety and racing thoughts at bedtime, and having a sensory reminder to my body that it’s time to rest is a welcome addition to my daily regimen. We’ve also started using it for our girls who spritz their favorite stuffed animal before they go to bed.

We’re soft launching these this year without labels and hope to release multiple blends next year. Any ideas for other blends you would like??? Tell us on Facebook! You’ll get a free bottle if we use your idea 😊

<3 Joel and Katy