Orange Clove Soy Candle

Orange Clove Soy Candle

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Sweet orange blended with cinnamon and clove

One winter Joel’s brother made mulled wine. We watched curiously as he poured oranges, cloves, wine, and cinnamon sticks into a crock pot. The aroma was amazing! It tasted as good as it smelled and it’s been a tradition ever since. Our Orange Clove candles are cheerfully made with these memories.

<3 Joel and Katy

Each of our candles is blended, poured, and wrapped by hand. They are made with 100% American, soy wax, have a smooth, creamy finish, and shine beautifully in casually elegant, paper-wrapped jars. Fragrances are carefully chosen to burn pleasantly strong through specially braided cotton wicks that contain no zinc or lead. From start to finish, each candle is a beloved favorite.

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