A Vanquished Foe Rises

A Vanquished Foe Rises

Ah, my old nemesis, the basement. 🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️

Our war began when it flooded past my ankles minutes before my in-laws arrived to stay for the weekend. It won that round. A couple sump pumps later, and a gutter system fixed in the opening gales of a hurricane, and I had vanquished my foe. Or so I thought. But it rose again with a backfiring boiler that rocketed our CO2 levels and sent my family and me to the sidewalk. We fixed our boiler, and it limped along with us swapping parts out until recently, when it finally perished. Even as we turned our faucets on, and only freezing cold water came out (our hot water and heat ran on one system), we could hear the basement’s mocking laugh below. 🦹

It was then that we resolved to finish the fight once and for all.🤺 We replaced our system with a separate hot water heater that got our hot showerggggggggbhb (<< Emma finds the keyboard 👶) showers back. Then, we replaced our boiler with a brand new Buderus G115WS. 💪 We didn’t stop there. We also disposed of 40 rusted cans of paint left by previous owners, took out an old oil tank, lots of old wood, and swept (a lot). Our basement used to be dank and scary, but the last few days the girls have been going down to ride their scooters on the smooth, cement floor. We’re thrilled they’ll have a place to get their energy out in the winter, and that we won’t be fixing our boiler in January!

If you’re new to our page, we’re restoring an 1850s mill house down the road from our soap studio. We hope you enjoy following along the way as we bring it back to life! Tonight, we sleep peacefully knowing the basement is clean, and the heat is on.

❤ Joel and Katy

PS: If you’re local, we can’t speak highly enough of Kevin and Ryan Coppinger and  Cochecho Plumbing & Hydronic Heating. They got our hot water heater installed two weeks before another company even got us a quote (can you imagine not having hot showers for two weeks?) and then came in on a Saturday to make sure the boiler was installed before the weather turned cold. 🙌🥰
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