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Heaven scent

I first purchased this soap on an island in Maine when I realized I forgot to pack a bar. The scent had me immediately. It’s calming and deep. I used it all week while I was there and just couldn’t get enough of this new (to me) scent. When I got home and continued to use the bar, I couldn’t believe how long it lasted. Weeks longer than any other bar I’ve used. This will probably be my go-to soap forever :)

Lilac Shea Butter Lotion
Bridget Peterson
New Favorite

I love the smell of lilac but lotions are getting hard to find. I ordered this one based on Etsy reviews and I am so glad I did. It was exactly what I was looking for. It smells fantastic.

Hi Bridget,

Thanks for your review! We're so glad you liked the lilac lotion!! Our lilac blooms are just finishing in our yard, so we're glad there's a way to enjoy the scent year-round. Have a great week!


Joel and Katy

Love all of it!

I bought many soaps and the dopey bug spray from Joy Lane Farm. All I have to say is I absolutely love it all! The soaps smell absolutely incredible and they’re the only soap I’ve ever had that doesn’t give my skin that tight feeling. It feels just as incredible as it smells. That includes the shampoo and conditioner! And as far as the dopey bug spray, I’m currently expecting so I needed a more natural option and it smells good while being safe to use. And it does help with the bugs! I look forward to continuing buying soaps from their business.

Hi Brianna,

Thanks for writing such a detailed and helpful review! It was so pleasant to read on a rainy Sunday :-) We love that the goat milk soap and everything else is working well for you! Congratulations on expecting!!

Joel and Katy

A wonderful lotion

I am chemically sensitive, so am selective about what skin products I use. Joy's makes shea butter creamy by combining it with other ingredients. As a result, it is the best of all possible worlds - unscented and effective for dry skin.

Hi Carolyn,

Thanks for such a nice review! We're so glad the unscented shea butter lotion was a good fit for you and so appreciate you sharing for other customers who are chemically sensitive. Have a wonderful week!

Joel and Katy

I love the fresh scent of the coconut lemongrass shea butter lotion and love how it feels on my skin. The scent makes me feel like I am on a tropical Island.

Thanks for the review, Barbara!!! Hope you're enjoying the beginning of summer!!!

Joel and Katy

Northern Birch Ceramic Candle
Sharon McCann-Kling
This my Third Joy Lane Ceramic Candle

LOVE these soy ceramic candles! I got mine from Cynthia Cannon at Sunrise Boutique in Clinton, MA. They are so beautiful and have enjoyed the various mild scents. We use them primarily in the winter months when it’s dark for dinner and they grace our table wonderfully along with a few votives. This newest ceramic candle might end up being gifted. We’ll see. I do still have the ceramic bowls and would love suggestions for their use.

Thanks, Sharon! What a nice review! We love using them for little planters or drink tumblers (cold drinks only). It was great hearing you got yours from Sunrise Boutique! We'll have a couple more scents coming out in these soon for the summer: Grapefruit Mojito and Mango Coconut. Have a great weekend!!

Joel and Katy

Gentle nudge to sleep

We started using this pillow spray a few years back to help our daughter settle down more once her head hit the pillow. She is now 13 and always remembers to spray it before getting into bed herself. Thank you for making such wonderful products!

This was such a lovely review to receive! It brings us lots of joy hearing how the lavender spray is used. Thanks for sharing!!

Joel and Katy

Creamiest lather ever!

It’s nice knowing what I’m cleaning my face with is not a bunch of perfumes and chemicals. Cleans and softens without drying.

Thanks, Peg!! We get asked about the soap lather pretty frequently; thanks for mentioning it in your review! We're thrilled the unscented goat milk soap was a good fit for you!

Joel and Katy

Lilac Soy Candle
Alisa Abbo
Smells like the real Deal!

I have been searching for a lilac candle that truly smelled like the real thing and I have found it!! Others I have tried had an overly sweet scent that left me with a headache, but this version is wonderfully aromatic and not overly strong. My husband, who is very sensitive to floral smells, said he really liked the scent as well.

Thanks for such a nice review, Alisa!! We're so glad you enjoyed the lilac candle. It's one of our most popular ones and always reminds us of the lilacs in our yard. Happy Spring!

Joel and Katy

Lilac Soy Candle
Michele Gaudet-Smith
Lilac Shea lotion

Love the scent and the lotion is so creamy!Your lilac is as close to the smell of the flower

Thank you, Michele!!! Our last lilac bushes are in full bloom right now (our smaller ones in the shade last a little longer), and we are so enjoying their scent. Thrilled you liked the lilac lotion!

Joel and Katy

Vanilla Soy Candle
Joy Henderson
Everyone loves Joy lane

We have had a huge welcome to our new line Joy Lane !
We brought it in for Mother’s Day and sold out before. The hand lotion has been a great product for repeated sales and the candles are wonderful.

So good to hear! Thanks, Joy!!!
-Joel and Katy

Goat Soap

Thank you so much for the extra bars of soap with the order. That was such a nice surprise. We haven’t opened any of the bars yet, because we are still using an oatmeal bar from a prior purchase, but the cranberry is a nice accent color in our master bathroom, and it smells fantastic! I have a large, cut glass ginger jar in the master where I store decorative soaps before use. It looks great, and it keeps our designer bar soaps in full view. Your soap never disappoints. Thank you again for the extra bar.

Thanks, Martha! This made our day :-) We LOVE that you enjoy displaying them before use. Thanks for such a nice review!!
-Joel and Katy

Long Decorative Matches

Very cute, super easy to use. Excited that I can reuse the jar after the matches are gone as well. Love them!

Thanks, Kristin!!!

-Joel and Katy

Very pleased

My wife and I are very pleased with the unscented soap. It rinses well and leaves the skin feeling clean and fresh. The lotion works wonders! It takes away the itxmch front dry skin.

Great to hear! Thanks for such a nice review, William!

-Joel and Katy

Lilac Shea Butter Lotion
Deborah Nichols
Soaps and hand lotion

We have been purchasing your products for years now (no more grocery store soaps). Absolutely love them and lilac is my favorite lotion. Have you ever done anything with honeysuckle scent? Keep up the great products! ❤️

Thanks, Deb! We've been looking for another floral scent! I'll add Honeysuckle to our sample list the next time we order. Have a great day!

-Joel and Katy

Charcoal Facial Soap

This soap is amazing. Love it. My favorite with so far. Will definitely purchase more and share with friends.

Thanks, Donna!! It's one of our favorite goat milk soaps to make :-) The charcoal is one of the last ingredients you add to the batch, and I LOVE the way it swirls into the soap until it's all black. So glad you're enjoying it and THANK YOU for leaving a review!


Joel (Soap-Maker)

My daughter loves it!

When my 4th grader just can't sleep, or it's a busy day with a late bedtime, we love to use this lavender spray. Its scent is calming and authentic, not soapy or sharp. I also borrow it to softly scent the guest rooms before company arrives. This spray is a win-win!

Fantastic! We're so glad your daughter enjoys it! Daughters and guests are right at the top of the list of reasons we love making our products :-) Thanks for such a nice review, Helen!! Hope you're well!

Joel and Katy

Love all your products!!!! This soap is so calming

Thanks, Carrie!!! The Stress Relief Goat Milk Soap is one of our absolute favorites too!!

Joel and Katy

Best soap

I ordered from this company for the first time. The cranberry soap and the lavender! The smell of both soaps is amazing!!
The soap lathers well and leaves skin smelling lovely!!

Hi Jacqueline!

Thanks for such a wonderful review! We're SO glad you're enjoying your goat milk soaps! Welcome to Joy Lane Farm :-)


Joel and Katy (Owners)

I love this lotion!!

I love lilac scented AN-Y-THING, so when Mom spotted this lotion at the Made In New Hampshire store, she bought it for me so I would have the lotion in the same scent as the soap. love how soft my skin feels whenever I use it, and the scent is subtle, not like POW!! right up your nose. Mom even played Designated Sniffer and says she likes the smell. Thank you Mom for suggesting I try out this wonderful lotion.

We're thrilled you like it! The lilac is one of our best sellers and a special point of pride, because it's based on our favorite plant in our yard. We have lilac bush that grows on the corner of our garden shed and love when it blooms each year (it just bloomed a couple days ago!). Thanks for such a kind review!!! -Joel and Katy

LOVE lilac!

I just love the smell of this lotion. It is soft yet stays with me. Its fresh not overdone like perfume. And it makes my skin feel great!

Thanks, Susan! We're thrilled it makes your skin feel great and has been a fit for you! We just repaired our lilac bush from ice damage and are so excited to see lilac blooms again soon! Love lilacs :-)

Joel and Katy

love this stuff

I love Joy Lane Farm's shea butter lotions, and this mint garden scent is fabulous! The lotion absorbs quickly and does not feel watery or greasy, just perfectly moisturizing! Highly recommend it!

Thanks, Cara!! We love the greenery notes in that one and are so glad you're enjoying it. Thanks for taking the time to write such a nice review!

Joel and Katy

Best soap for dry skin!!

I have hard water and very dry skin. Since using your soaps my skin is so much healthier. My favorite is the apple!!

Thanks for such a nice review, Tracey!! We're big fans of the exfoliating goat milk soaps too and are so glad it's helping your dry skin!

Joel and Katy

Eucalyptus Mint Goat Milk Soap

Great product, great people!

Thanks, Brad!!

Joel and Katy

My favorite

I have purchased it several times since buying it the first time at your wonderful shop in Chester Vermont