Back at the Farmers Market!

First farmers market of the year is in the books, and it was our highest (yes HIGHEST) farmers market ever. I told Katy the night before that I thought we'd be lucky if we made 25% of a normal market. Thank you, Portsmouth Farmers' Market! We couldn't be more impressed with how the tents were spaced apart, the markers for 6 ft spaces in the lines, and the hand washing stations. We saw maybe a couple hundred people go through, and everyone except for 4 or 5 were wearing masks (all the vendors had masks too of course). Not the usual live music and people hanging out for hours, but it was so pleasant to see our customers again and hear how they've been since last year. Dopey Bug tick and mosquito spray almost sold out, and the shampoo and conditioner bars and hand sanitizer went really well too. Thanks, everyone!

Joel and Katy

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See you there, 

Joel and Katy

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Hello, will you be at the Farmers market in Portsmouth next Saturday? If so will you have Lavender Mint shampoo and conditioner?

Susan Rizkalla

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