Candle Jars!

Our pallet of candle jars was delayed a week, right before Christmas ☹ (it finally arrives today!). Tons of orders coming in, lots of balsam candles to make, and no jars. EXCEPT our customers are amazing. We regularly get asked if we can reuse jars once candles are burned through, and the short answer is that we can. We have faithful customers that always bring their jars back, and this year people are literally getting candles for Christmas because other people returned their jars. It’s a Christmas miracle. 😊

Today is also Friday, the day we remember and thank our healthcare workers in this pandemic by giving a $50 surprise gift to one of them with your help. Lotion for dry hands, hand sanitizer for safety, candles for hope… you get to choose. Go to, pick out $50 worth of gifts, and make the shipping address be to a healthcare worker you know using the code “NOWMORETHANEVER” and it will all be paid for. We loved this image shared by one of our customers (thanks, Sandy!). We are amazed by these women and men as they “do great things” on behalf of our families, neighborhoods, and world.

Thank you for partnering with us in doing a small thing to say thank you to them.

Enjoy the snow,

<3 Joel and Katy

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