Emma! Wait! No!

Emma! Wait! No!

Emma is a terror.

I came home after a day at work and Katy was in the kitchen exhausted.  “I just need a minute,” she said almost laying her head down on the island.

I went upstairs. My middle child was completely naked and my oldest shouted, “Emma’s chewing on glass!” She’d gotten a light bulb for the girl’s nightlight (all pieces recovered).  They’d been alone for 120 seconds.

It’s gotten to the point that we bargain with Makayla and Kelsey for who has to be with her. “Sister play time!” I’ll announce, and Makayla and Kelsey book it for our bedroom carrying whatever belongings they can grab along the way.  “We can’t have Emma!” they shout, and the door closes behind them.

One of Emma’s favorite games is to grab whatever you hold dear and run off giggling (how I long for the “Look-she-took-a-step days of two months ago!). She’ll take Makayla’s monkey, Kelsey’s zebra and my Nintendo switch (with it’s oh so breakable screen). She also loves the tv remote. Katy has it worst of all though. She was 3/4s of the way done with a puzzle and had gone downstairs when we realized how quiet it was. Our bedroom door was closed, but Emma has little fingers and can pry it open if it’s not firmly latched. She was gleefully sitting in a sea of puzzle pieces with the little that survived hanging haphazardly off the table like a shipwreck.

Before Emma became Usain Bolt, I had buried the giant tube we found when we bought the house into the hill as a tunnel slide. The kids love it, but it goes to a little landing with a 4 four foot drop shortly after, so I don’t let Emma use it by herself. Now, whenever we’re in the yard, Emma runs for it as fast as she can and goes headfirst on her belly. More than once, I’ve vaulted over the side of the hill to catch her on the other end. Once I was too late and she skidded into the dirt, squealing in delight.

And she’s not just quick, she’s crafty. I was sitting on the couch with a cookie on my lap, and she came over and sat next to me. I reached down, put my cookie in my mouth, and realized it was a cracker that she had swapped without me noticing. She started laughing and ran away covered in cookie crumbs.

Please send help.

<3 Joel and Katy #LiveJoyfullyDoGreatThingsCelebrateFamily

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Joel and Katy

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