Highest Farmers Market Ever - Thank you!

Highest Farmers Market Ever - Thank you!

What a Saturday! The first Farmers Market of the year was such a joy for us. Not one, but two of our customers are retiring, and we are thrilled for them! Congratulations!! 🎉 It was wonderful to see all of you at market today and catch up on your spring. Normal is getting closer!

Katy and I had our second vaccine shot a few days ago and are digging into our hillside garden today filled with expectation of seeing friends and family again.
We realized on the way home that today was also our highest market ever! It's hardly the most important thing, but we so appreciate the support as we make our big investments this year and love hearing how the new products are received and enjoyed! Most of the Keramikk candles sold out!

We hope you and your families have a wonder filled weekend of rest and delight.

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