Hi Everyone!

We’ve had a couple hundred more likes and follows this week (woo woo woo!), so we wanted to circle back and introduce ourselves 😊

We’re Joel and Katy, the makers behind Joy Lane Farm. We live in Rollinsford, NH in a historic mill house that we’re renovating with our three daughters who are six and under. Joy lane Farm is the name of my (Joel’s) childhood homestead, and God-willing, our future farm!

We have a soap-making studio in the Salmon Falls Mill down the road from our house where we make goat milk soaps, shea butter lotions, and lots of other natural personal care products. Our mantra is to live joyfully, do great things, and celebrate family. We were both born and raised in NH and come from immigrant families, Katy’s being closer generationally with most of her extended family still in Australia.

On our page, you can expect lots of stories of country life, raising our girls, and rolling up our sleeves to grow Joy Lane Farm. In our down time, we like to puzzle and paddle our kayaks.

Thanks for reading and joining us in building Joy Lane Farm. We love to interact with our customers, so don’t be shy.

 Joel and Katy

Photo Credit: Eoghan Kelley

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