Loofah soaps are back!

Loofah soaps are back!

Yesterday, I got completely covered in sawdust and paint flecks after power washing our courtyard wall. "Sorry kiddo, I can't tie your necklace till after I've showered. I don't want to get this stuff all over your room."

Enter loofah soaps.

They're specially designed for the person who likes to get gritty and project-y in the day and feel perfectly clean at night.

How are they made?

Loofahs arrive at our studio from South America pressed flat. We hydrate them to restore their round shape, put them into round pvc molds, and pour goat milk soap into them. Timing is everything. If we're not fast enough, the soap gets goupy and won't fill the loofahs. Once it hardens, we cut each soap individually and let them dry for a month.

The result is a super exfoliating soap with an entire loofah sponge in it that is gradually exposed as you use the soap. This batch has a 100% natural citrus clove scent that is to die for.

We've already sold a bunch of these to preorders, but still have some left. We won't be making more until they're gone, so it will be at least a one month wait time. Some things in life are worth waiting for

We hope you love them as much as we do!

Joel and Katy

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