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It's a cool morning this morning, and I'm enjoying the feeling of wearing a sweater, sipping my hot coffee while the girls are finishing their morning chores before school. I'll be heading into the studio to make 8 batches of goat milk soap later, but before then, I'm fixing a car ahead of the farmers market tomorrow. Last year, the lift supports for our 2014 Subaru Forester broke, and I bought replacements, but the Forester is a little unique in that it has 3, not two, and I never got around to getting the third one. We've been holding it open with a piece of wood we keep in the car. 

Makayla came up to snuggle first thing this morning, and I remarked that I was excited to have the car fixed. "What's wrong with it?" she asked. "The trunk doesn't stay open," I said. "Yes, it does," she said. "No, I mean without the stick holding it up." 

It's funny how things that should never have become normal do just that. Stress has been like that this year too, creeping in and becoming normal when it didn't used to be. Alas, 2020. 

Not too long ago, we celebrated sending out our 500th order by including a 500 piece puzzle (a beautiful picture of a flower shop called Wonder and Bloom) with the package of goat milk soaps, and throwing in one of our shea butter lotions. It was a big milestone for us, because we used to only ship out a couple orders a week through joylanefarm.com, and switching to mostly online sales has saved our little business in this turbulent year.   

Now, sitting here as I drink my coffee, I have to remember that some of that pressure has subsided. You can't run on adrenaline indefinitely. At some point, you have to let your body relax, get sleep, and go about your business trusting that things will be okay. 

<3 Joel and Katy

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