The Price of Olive Oil Doubled

The price of olive oil doubled. 🍈
Coconut oil, for the first time in eight years, wasn’t available for three weeks. 🥥
Candle wax costs went up 30%, and wicks were discontinued. 🕯️
As for jars, we’re given a day 8 weeks out, and if we haven’t ordered that morning, they’re gone by that afternoon. 📅
Over the years, we’ve learned to be nimble, and it’s never been more critical. We’re shifting manufacturing schedules, optimizing batch sizes, using multiple raw material vendors, and crunching lots of numbers. 🤸‍♀️🔥
We haven’t made any changes yet on the front end and are working hard to hopefully all together avoid price changes or reductions in our product offering. If those do happen, know that they will be temporary and only out of necessity until things stabilize.
For the rest of today though, we are putting all of this out of mind. One of our regulars got married last year and is having a party to celebrate. 🎉🍾 Today we are making her and her husband loofah soaps for their guests and are just so happy for them. 🥰🥰🥰
🥥🍈🕯️ 🧼
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