Pour yourself a mug of tea, Facebook, this is a long one.

We have been BUSY. Throughout the year, we keep a list of everything customers ask for, email us about, or muse about at the Farmers Market, and in January and February, we get to work. (aka that sounds like a good job for “future Joel and Katy” 😅). Here’s a list of experiments, formula changes, and packaging updates coming at you hot and fast! 👩‍🔬👨‍🔬🎉

👉Cardboard lip balm tubes are DONE. They’re ordered and in production. 😎
👉Driftwood candles used to go yellow after sitting in direct sunlight. Thanks to a UV Inhibitor, they won’t anymore 😎
👉Lip Balms now have Vitamin E, which is great for your skin AND keeps them from going rancid after a long time (a common problem with natural lip balms). They’ll last suuuper long now, which was an absolute must before selling larger lip balms in cardboard tubes. 😎
👉Three NEW candle scents: Pumpkin Patch, Tobago, and Northern Birch!!! 😎
👉A little less sexy, but thanks to AWESOME 12 pack boxes, shipping candles wholesale will no longer use bubble wrap, saving tons of time, expense, and, you know, plastic 😎

All of this was done WHILE shipping significantly more product than last January. 😬🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️

Now, some harder news. After some tough discussions, we’ve decided to discontinue shaving soaps and liquid shampoo. Supply difficulties are certainly a variable here, but it’s been in our thoughts for a while for two reasons: First, we’ve absolutely fallen in love with shampoo bars. 🥰 They’re all we’ve used as a family for over a year. Second, to do shampoo well requires an array of formulations because everyone’s hair is so different, and with demand increasing for our other lines, there just isn’t enough time to do liquid shampoo justice. Onwards!

Thanks for reading this far! All of this to say, THANK YOU for all your feedback and requests! We wish we could do it ALL, and please do keep it coming. We send our products into the world with our names, the name of our region, and the name of our little town, and we are so proud to offer them on behalf of New England and Rollinsford.

Partnering with you is a delight,
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