Dopey Bug!

Dopey Bug!

Dopey Bug spray is flying off the shelves! We're thrilled at the thought of all the hikes, beach trips, and picnics Melvin gets to go on!

Oh! We forgot to tell you! We named our little mosquito Melvin 😎🦟✌️

T-shirts are available in the shop again AND they now have a little Melvin on the back too 🙂

If you're new to Dopey Bug, it's our 100% natural, DEET-FREE bug spray formulated against mosquitoes, flies, and ticks with Citronella, Geranium, Lemongrass, Cedar, Peppermint, and Wintergreen essential oils. 🌱

We make the patio candles with the same essential oil blend with a double wick in a coconut, soy wax blend.

Checkout our Dopey Bug collection here!
For wholesale info, hit us up here:
Thanks, everyone!!!

Summer on,
Melvin 🦟✌️😎
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