Garden Beds!

Garden Beds!

“I don’t want raised garden beds. I don’t want to do anything complicated. I want to clear weeds from a little patch of dirt, plant my ten tomato plants, and be done.”

And that’s what she did. 🍅🙌

Katy gets testy about once a year, and last year it was when I asked about designing and building her veggie garden. When I design, I’m frugal and specific to the point of extreme inconvenience. I love to use materials we have on hand, and I love to design every element to maximize symmetry, style, and function.

This year, when Katy said she wanted to move the veggie garden to better sunlight, she agreed to let me (and even help me) build her garden beds if they were done in time for her to plant her seedlings by May 24th. Here they are!

Most of the wood came from an entertainment center we tore out of our living room that was designed to hold the biggest TV and VHS collection you could buy in the 90s. We also used lots of cedar scraps from our friends at New England Cedar Fence. The parking pad became fill, the granite steps were ugly granite benches we had, the slate pavers we found on the hill to match ones from Katy’s mom’s old garden, and the pebbles used to be the path where the steps are now.

If you’re new to our page, Joy Lane Farm was the name of my childhood homestead. Of my siblings, my eldest sister is the one who inherited the farming gene, while Katy and I are designers, storytellers, and accountants at heart. So, while my sister mesmerizes us with explanations of the symbiotic relationship between animals and crops and how without one you end up with poor soil and without the other you get mountains of manure, I’m still getting used to paying someone cash to dump a load of old cow 💩 next to my lawn. Still, it was highly recommended from one of my gardening friends, so here we are 👩‍🌾👨‍🌾

Wishing you lots of success in your gardening adventures,

 Joel and Katy


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Do you make garden beds for other people?

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