• Vitamin A

    The vitamin A in goat milk increases your skin cell turnover rate, reducing lines and wrinkles. It's one of many nutrients in goat milk!

  • Lactic Acid

    Lactic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid occuring naturally in goat milk that exfoliates your skin cells without drying them out.

  • Moisture Boosting Fat Molecules

    In addition to all the fats from the plant oils, goat milk adds extra moisturizing fats to the formula to make superfatted bars
    of soap.

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Joy Lane Farm

Cranberry Bog Exfoliating Soap

Cranberry Bog Exfoliating Soap

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Cranberry Bog skin nourishing goat milk soap with ground oatmeal and cranberry seeds as gentle exfoliants and a tart, fruity cranberry scent.

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Our signature goat milk soap is specially formulated to moisturize dry, sensitive skin.

They’re “superfatted” bars, which means the fat molecules in the goat milk are extra. Olive oil and goat milk, filled with vitamin A, lactic acid, and other nutrients, are at the very top of the ingredients list. Our soaps are made using the “cold process” method, which blends lye with non-GMO plant oils and goat milk without the addition of irritating surfactants, foaming agents, parabens, or artificial colors.

The Cranberry Bog Goat Milk Soap is pleasantly scented with top notes of cranberry, cinnamon, and ginger, cardamom middle notes, and clove base notes. Ground oatmeal and cranberry seeds are blended in for gentle exfoliation. Once the bars are cut, they’re cured for four weeks and then aged to make them extra long-lasting.

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Olive Oil (Olea Europaea), Goat Milk, Coconut Oil (Cocos Guineensis), Palm Oil (Elaeis Guineensis), Sodium Hydroxide, Fragrance Oil, Oatmeal, Cranberry Seeds, Glycerin

*Certified Sustainable by the Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil. Read more about the RSPO here!


Soap Weight: 4.3 oz.

Soap Dimensions: 3.5" x 2.25" x 1"


Why is goat milk soap good for your skin?

For so many reasons! Three of the big ones are vitamin A, lactic acid, and moisture boosting fat molecules! Here's a video we did on why goat milk is exceptional skincare!

Will my goat milk soap melt?

Nope! Our bars are cold process soaps, which are made by adding lye to goat milk and botanical oils. You'd have melting issues with melt-and-pour soaps, but don't need to worry about it with cold process soaps.

How much goat milk is in your soaps?

A lot! We pride ourselves that goat milk is our second biggest ingredient! Our first ingredient is olive oil, which is costly, but SO good for your skin.

What is the shelf life of my goat milk soap?

Our goat milk soaps have no expiration, except the scent may fade over time. You can expect the scent to last for at least a year, even much longer. If you're planning on storing them for a while (they make wonderful sachets in drawers!), we suggest somewhere away from sunlight as direct sunlight can reduce the scent over a long period of time.

How long do your goat milk soaps last?

A long time! We age them extra long to make them last longer. At a minimum, cold process soaps need to be aged 4 weeks. Often, ours are aged as long as 8 weeks. This lets extra water weight evaporate off, making them harder, denser, and long-lasting. Exactly how long is difficult to answer, because it varies so much based on if you're showering with them or just using them as a facial or hand soap. To extend the life of your goat milk soap, be sure to keep it on a drying tray when not in use.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
antoinette jones
Definitely reccomend

I love this soap smell is just so inviting and I love how it makes my skin feel , the fact that my acne is finally clearing up is so major for me I will definitely purchase this soap and so much more from the joy lane farm website and will definitely share it with others . thank you so Much .

Hi Antoinette,

We're thrilled the Cranberry Bog Goat Milk Soap is working well for your skin! Thanks for leaving such a nice review!!


Joel and Katy

Awesome soap

I have bought goat milk soap from several companies and this is the absolute Best soap I have found. It smells amazing!

Thank you so much! That's great to hear! We're thrilled you're enjoying your goat milk soap and so appreciate your orders!


Joel and Katy

Goat Soap

Thank you so much for the extra bars of soap with the order. That was such a nice surprise. We haven’t opened any of the bars yet, because we are still using an oatmeal bar from a prior purchase, but the cranberry is a nice accent color in our master bathroom, and it smells fantastic! I have a large, cut glass ginger jar in the master where I store decorative soaps before use. It looks great, and it keeps our designer bar soaps in full view. Your soap never disappoints. Thank you again for the extra bar.

Thanks, Martha! This made our day :-) We LOVE that you enjoy displaying them before use. Thanks for such a nice review!!
-Joel and Katy

Terri Thorhaug
Wonderful soap, wonderful customer service.

My sister gave me a bar of the cranberry bog soap last year for Christmas. It's great for my acne prone face.I finally found it again. Even got a free gift. Great products, great people.

Gina Doty
Love this soap especially since I garden

I love this soap and use it more when I'm gardening alot outside. The exfoliation from the seeds in the soap are gentle, soap lathers up great and the smell is pleasant and light. Whoever came up with this combination was a gardener too. I dislike wearing gloves all the time and this soap handles my skin at the end of the day to be clean and soft.

Thanks for Shopping!

Joel and Katy