Hand Sanitizer Saga

Hand Sanitizer Saga

We have gel Hand Sanitizer available! Please share


In keeping with our commitment to quality and to our customers, what we have exceeds the CDC recommendations of 60% ethyl alcohol (ours has 62%) and is soft on your hands. The 8 oz size is a gel like you’re used to using and the 16 oz is a liquid, perfect for surfaces, but also soft on your hands. Our online inventory matches what we have in stock, so your product will ship quickly. Shipping time is 1-3 days, and there’s free shipping for orders over $50. In this season of frequent handwashing, you can also use the discount code LOTION for 20% off any lotion you buy to go with your hand sanitizer.

We hope this serves you well and helps keep your families safe and healthy.

Joel and Katy

Local Curbside Pickup Saturdays 10-12

PS: If the prices seem high, they are. Getting the ingredients was unlike anything we've experienced in six years of doing business. The cost was high, and we had to pay up front. The ethyl alcohol didn’t ship for a month because the company was overwhelmed with orders. Then, when the aloe vera gel was shipped, it was intentionally labeled as something else because of the high theft rate for aloe vera products right now. While we can't afford to give it away for free, we have made our margins lower than normal to offer it at this price point.

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