Lockdown Life

Lockdown Life

We went into lockdown 7 weeks ago, not leaving our house and yard except to go to the soap studio or run an occasional, critical errand. We started ordering groceries online and picked up lunches from the girls’ schools (which made a huge difference in how often we needed to get groceries).

Almost immediately, Emma stopped sleeping through the night. We’d be lying in bed and hear her crying frantically at 1 am, then 3 am, and then wide awake at 5. Then, Kelsey started wetting the bed. She went from being almost completely potty trained to having accidents almost every day, sometimes twice a day. Meanwhile, there was Makayla, our poor little extrovert who loves to hug and go on outings. Nanna and Grandpa arrived home from half a year in Australia, and she couldn’t hug them. She’s seen her cousins a few times but has to stay six feet away. Even harder, she feels responsible for Kelsey who, at three years old, has little concept of what six feet means. Every night, Makayla and Kelsey pray that no one gets sick, because that’s our blanket reason for why their world has been upended.

They also have to deal with us. I think we’ve done a pretty good job at loving them tremendously during this season, but I say that through a perpetually tired lens. Sometimes they clean their room or bring me my cup of coffee, and you can tell they're trying to lift an invisible weight from their parents’ shoulders. A couple days ago, we said we were having a date (our first in 7 weeks) and ordered BBQ from the Farm Bar and Grille where I used to work. We had them eat in the living room, and Katy and I ate in the kitchen just the two of us. They crave time with us right now, so I wondered how they’d take it. Turns out they love the date concept. The next day, they told us we weren’t allowed in the kitchen, because they were having a date too. They put on fancy dresses, had a dance party to Shut Up and Dance with Me, made themselves oatmeal, and finished with an episode of Doc McStuffins. Not a bad date, and no parents allowed.

Wishing you well,

Joel and Katy

PS: It’s strange to think that Emma couldn’t’ walk when this started, and now she can. She’s sitting on the floor next to me right now whapping pots with a colander 😊

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I received a bar of your soap as a gift and love it! It’s $5.95 for the soap and $7.02 for shipping. So…..If I become a monthly customer will that help with shipping, and how would I go about doing that. Thank you. Linda Pouliot

Linda Pouliot

The picture of the girls is lovely, they look so sweet. We love the soap and will order more soon. We have been using bar shampoo this year, our one way of reducing plastic besides using bar soap. You might try making some as a new line. Keep healthy, your girls are lucky to be on a farm with lots of fresh air and a large play area.

Jane Blanchard

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