Shoutout to Katy

Shoutout to Katy

If you've ordered from the website and had it show up on your doorstep a day or two later, it's thanks to my beautiful bride, Katy McMicken. She insists on going to the mill and shipping orders as soon as possible. This month, she also learned how to make shampoo bars, conditioner bars, and bug spray, all while testing new equipment, navigating government small business aid, and making time for Makayla, Kelsey, Emma, and me. Maybe the hardest part of this is not getting to see her as often as I was spoiled to as we settle into a new rhythm of me helping the kids with distance learning and taking care of meals (which I'm woefully worse at than her), while she ships orders and makes products.

Still, it's neat to be here for many of the girls' milestones in a season that is full of them. Makayla read her first small book start to finish, Kelsey remembered to make her bed, and Emma is beginning to walk. Just today, Emma, who has only said a few words, said her first sentence, and I was the only one who heard it. She got my attention, looked me in the eyes, and repeated no less than four times, "I want my mama!!"

Dear little one, I want your mama too!

Joel and Katy

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