Cardboard Lip Balm Tubes!

Cardboard Lip Balm Tubes!

On September 8th, 2021, I posted a photo of one of our lip balms, and one of our customers, @alyssaaduncan 🎉, commented that she wished it was in a cardboard container instead of a plastic one. I began looking at cardboard lip balm tubes that afternoon. After months of ordering samples, doing design work, and changing our manufacturing equipment to accommodate the larger size, they. are. finally. finished!! We’ve been using them ourselves, and like the switch to shampoo bars, we’ve found the change entirely pleasant.

A huge thank you to Alyssa for putting this idea in our heads and to all of you for continuing to make us better every day. You are our best minds.

We’re delighted to release these in the spring when the value of preserving our beautiful 🌏 is so readily apparent. We hope you love them!

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