Collection: Keramikk Candles

Keramikk is the Norwegian word for ceramic. Our Keramikk candles are thoughtfully designed with coziness in mind as a tribute to Joel's great, great grandparents who immigrated from Norway. Superb scents inspired by the natural world in a coconut and soy wax blend burn cheerfully through cotton wicks in a ceramic tumbler.
Northern Birch Soy Candle

A celebration of Norwegian comfort, coziness, and contentment

  • Centered on Nordic Hygge

    Our Keramikk Candles are a tribute to Joel's Norwegian heritage. The ceramic jar and minimalist design evoke comfort, coziness, and contentment, all trademarks of "hygge" culture with scents inspired by nature.

  • Premium Scents

    Keramikk candles feature premium fragrance and essential oil blends. Layered and complex with a bouquet of top, middle, and base notes, they're formulated to pleasantly fill an open space.

  • Wild Flower Seed Paper Cover

    Our paper covers have wildflower seeds in them, including Bird’s Eye, Black Eyed Susan, Sweet Alyssum, and Snapdragon. Simply cover the paper with soil and enjoy wild flowers growing and blossoming!

  • Quality in every way!

    This scent is beautiful. Unique. Full and crisp, clean like a forest, without the heavy typical pine scent.
    It burned clean and completely. The ceramic container is smooth, tasteful and quality as well.
    It is almost finished, but luckily have another on the way!
    I also purchased a lilac candle. I have never experienced such a true scent of lilac in a candle before. This will be burned to celebrate the onset of spring this March/April.

    Thank you Joy Lane Farm

    -Lynne P.

  • LOVE this Candle!

    I love this candle and am now going to order more in different scents. The balsam scent is fabulous. It's hard to find a good candle that has the real balsam scent and this one does it!! It burns clean and smokeless and I couldn't be happier with it.




    This is winter in a candle. The Balsam scent is robust, but not overpowering. I have been so happy with the newer Keramikk candles and will continue to collect them. Highly recommend!


  • There’s nothing like it anywhere

    This candle is truly the embodiment of craftsmanship. The carefully selected pottery, the gorgeously designed label, the perfection of the aroma, all adds up to an incomparably pleasant experience all around. I received two as a gift and as i was opening them my husband said “wow I should have videoed this!!” They are THAT amazing. I will keep these Keramikk candles stocked in all my serene spaces, give them as gifts, and bring one to the soaking tub. I never thought I could feel so strongly about a candle but Joel and Katy at JoyLane have brought me to that place and I am HERE for it!!

    -Mallory L.

Introducing Keramikk

Keramikk is the Norwegian word for Ceramic. We designed these soy and coconut candles to be the finishing touch on your newly renovated space and the hard-to-find, perfectly unique gift you give your friends. They’re made with a natural coconut and soy wax blend, self-trimming cotton wick, carefully selected fragrance, and a ceramic tumbler. Every fragrance is phthalate-free, and no paraffin wax is used. The label features a hand drawn, country scene of Rollinsford, NH where it was made, is done in a neutral grayscale to complement any space, and, like the Scandinavian culture that inspired it, is minimalist.

Product Info


Our Keramikk Candles are made with a coconut and soy wax blend, ceramic jar, cotton wick, and exceptional fragrance and essential oil blends.

Burn Time

Burn Time: 52 Hours

Weight (not including jar): 10.5 oz.

Dimensions: 3.5" x 3.5" x 3.75"

Norwegian Heritage

Joel's great, great grandfather immigrated from Norway to the midwest United States. Growing up, Joel's family had Norwegian flags on their Christmas tree, ate Norwegian Chudd Pudding, and heard about his grandparents visiting the Norwegian fjords. Our Kerammikk candles (How ceramic is spelled in Norwegian) are lovingly made with lots of memories of Rolf and Mary-Jane Rosenqvist, Joel's grandparents.

What do I do with it when I'm done?

Our ceramic jars are super easy to clean and reuse! Just microwave them briefly, wipe with a paper towel, and then wash with soap and water. They're perfect for planters, tumblers, or to use around the house, but are not intended for hot drinks. Tag us @joylanefarm on instagram to show us your candle in use and how you used your jar afterwards!

Seed Paper Cover

Our labels are designed to be removed, so once your candle is done, you can remove the label and use the ceramic tumbler for succulents, herbal tea, or any creative project. Our favorite piece is the cover, which is made with botanical paper, a special ecofriendly paper embedded with wildflower seeds that you can actually plant instead of discarding.

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What seeds are in the plantable paper?

All of our seeds are tested for purity and meet the high standards of the United States Department of Agriculture. No invasive species to North America are used. The wildflower seed blend includes:

  • Bird’s Eye – Annual
  • Clarkia – Annual
  • Black Eyed Susan – Perennial
  • Catchfly – Annual
  • Snapdragon – Annual
  • Sweet Alyssum – Annual

How do I plant my seed paper?

Place your seed paper on soil that is slightly compressed, but not too hard-packed. Add 1/8 inch of soil on top of the paper and give it a good drink of water. After that, make sure it’s always moist and in a sunny spot. You should see sprouts within 7-10 days!

When is the best time to plant my seed paper?

Spring is the best time to plant if you live in an area where the ground does not freeze. However, fall is ideal if you live in a climate where the ground stays frozen for several months. It can be planted indoors year-round in a pot of soil near a window that gets plenty of sunlight!

Last Touches

Our Keramikk candles are tested extensively to maximize burn time and eliminate soot. The wicks will self-trim, not building up carbon like other candles, and will produce a beautiful, clean flame.

We believe scent is the last touch on any space and look forward to seeing how you’ll use these candles in your home. You can tag us @joylanefarm to share!

Our two new scents--Fjord and Veurne--are in honor of Joel's Norwegian heritage, and our sister-in-law, Lisa's Belgian family, remembering that the creative projects we pour ourselves into are an overflow of what has been poured into us.

  • A Candle with a "Scent" not a Smell.

    Its been a long time since a candle entered our home. Candles offered at department stores have an overly strong smell that at times can give me headaches. When reading about the candles made at Joy Lane Farm, the natural ingredients as well as the care that goes into a safer production and product, I wondered if I could once again bring candles into the house. I ordered two of the candles from the new Keramikk line after debating about the price. Once I read how the candles are made, that I can reuse the ceramic holder the candle is in, AND plant wildflower seeds contained in the cover over the candle, the cost seemed very reasonable. The candles arrived quickly and I immediately knew they were the perfect candles for me. The scents are perfection and carry through a room to provide a subtle presence, reminding me of the scent from our lilac tree that wafts up into our bedroom window. A true delight to the senses. Thank you Joel and Katy for developing a wonderfully thought out product.


Thanks for shopping!

Joel and Katy