Little Mama

When we were deciding if we’d have a fourth child, perhaps the person we thought about most was Emma. She was two and into everything. She opened a “child proof” medicine bottle the first time she picked one up, had an aptitude for finding (and hiding) tools, and when you told her she was independent enough to walk down the stairs, would exclaim assertively, “No, I’m not!”

Then, her cousin was born, and for the first time we saw her sweet, maternal side, which has only grown. She loves to help pack Kelsey’s and Makayla’s bags, give them a hug, and wave as they leave for school. This morning, she was holding Tessa on the couch who is just a week old. Tessa started crying, and I went to pick her up, but before I got there, Emma leaned in and whispered, “Don’t worry, I got you.”

I’m totally fine. 😭
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