My Friends in Ukraine

A bomb exploded in the backyard of one of my friend’s homes, a few meters from her apartment building. The shock wave shattered her windows and blew her doors off. The glass lacerated her face. She is stitched up now and friends came to get her and bring her somewhere safer. She lives in Chernihiv.

🇺🇦🌍 Thank you to our friends who are posting about Ukraine.
🇺🇦🌎 Thank you to our friends who are commenting sunflowers, texting, reacting, and setting aside their normal posts to push Ukraine to the forefront.
🇺🇦🌏 Thank you to our neighbor who spray painted the Ukrainian flag in their snowbank. I cried on the way to school this morning when I saw it.
🇺🇦🌍 Thank you to our friends who are praying.

On Wednesday, we will be fasting through breakfast and lunch to pray and then eating a Ukrainian meal, which Katy’s sister has lovingly offered to make our family. I know a lot of you have different beliefs, my family and friends do as well, but however you feel best, please join us on Wednesday. Our girls, who are praying for my friend’s three children in Ukraine, will be giving up their screen time.

I never for a moment believed I would be having the conversations we are having as my children ask me daily, “How are your friends in the basements?”

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