Order Joy Lane Farm Wholesale!

Thanks for your interest in carrying Joy Lane Farm! We love working with unique gift shops, farmstands, and boutiques!

Our oldest farm was established in 1655, and we work with shops all across the country.  

When you carry Joy Lane Farm, you can expect:

1) Exceptional product quality. We have built Joy Lane Farm on return customers and word of mouth. 

2) Prompt order fulfillment. We keep our inventory stocked so that we can ship your orders in 5 business days or less! Usually less :-)

3) Same day communication. Email or message with any question and hear back within 24 hours.
4) New products! We develop 2-3 new products every year, so you'll always have something fresh to offer your customers alongside old favorites!

5) A personal touch. Joy Lane Farm is our passion. We love knowing about your shop and promise to give you our very best.
Email us at joel@joylanefarm.com to receive our wholesale order form and work with us directly or order at joylanefarm.faire.com

We look forward to partnering with you,

Joel and Katy

Live joyfully. Do great things. Celebrate family.