Watching the sunset at Acadia

Well, that was embarrassing.

Well, that was embarrassing.
We closed out summer with a trip to Acadia with Katy’s folks and enjoyed a fantastic Australian shiraz from Trader Joe's with them one night for dinner. Since Katy’s Australian, we wanted to track it down and buy a case. So, I stopped by Trader Joes the next time I was nearby.
Unfortunately, the “next time I was nearby” was right after I had a filling done at the dentist, and I couldn’t feel half my jaw or tongue.
I scoured the shelves and couldn’t find it, so, finally, I reluctantly asked an associate who got me their wine guy.
“Hello, I’m looking for an Australian shiraz” is what I meant to say. Alas, what I actually said was, “Hello, I’m looking for an Authralian Thirath. I’m thorry. I just came from the Dentitht.” I may have been drooling; I have no idea; I couldn’t feel my face.
What I would have given to be looking for an Italian Pinot Noir, but no, I wanted the Authralian Thirath. 🤦‍♂️
The girls had a blast when I got home making me say tongue twisters for the next hour about thelling theathells by the theathore. 😅
That aside, summer ended in the most satisfying way. We spent six days on a Maine peninsula looking out on Acadia, taking Makayla on her first solo kayak trip, spotting seals at low-tide, roasting s’mores on a driftwood fire, and bartering barnacles for tidepool trinkets at the girls’ “beach shop.” 🌊
By far though, the best part was seeing the end of the sunset for the whole United States from the top of Cadillac Mountain. We brought a picnic and made an evening of it. The girls got to go to their first national park, and I—having visited Yosemite, Mesa Verde, Yellowstone, the Redwoods, and the Grand Canyon—finally made it to Acadia.
After our picnic on the summit, we went to drive down Cadillac and were gifted an effervescent light show. The sun was a crimson ball in a fuchsia sky with rivers of blue winding their way through pine forests below. Just stunning. We pulled over and climbed up to a granite perch until it was over.
It was so nice to get away. I did a pretty good job not working, but the girls said I needed to give them dolphin rides in the frigid Northern Atlantic, because I took a phone call from one of our customers (Agnes 👋) who had a question about lotion. Fair is fair. 😅
What a summer—we are so excited for everything in the season ahead!
❤ Joel and Katy
Live Joyfully. Do Great Things. Celebrate Family. 
Kayaking at Acadia
Sunset at Acadia
View from Cadillac Mountain
Tessa playing in the sand
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