• Beautiful True-to-Life Scents

    Our unique fragrances are a blend of fragrance oils and essential oils. Unlit, the scent of your candle will pleasantly fill a small bathroom or office. Lit, it is designed for an open concept living room or kitchen.

  • Traditional Apothecary Jars

    Our candles are made in traditional country apothecary jars. They're high quality glass with a thick bottom to protect the surface they sit on and come with a glass cover to extinquish your candle without smoke.

  • Soy and Coconut Wax

    Our candles are made with a natural coconut soy wax blend that burns cleanly through a cotton wick all the way to the edge. It's a paraffin free blend with no artificial colors.


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Joy Lane Farm

Balsam Soy Candle

Balsam Soy Candle

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Our Balsam Soy Candle is a true, blue spruce candle infused with cedarwood and pine essential oils.

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Note Profile

Top - Eucalyptus, Mint
Middle - Spruce, Moss, Evergreen
Base - Cedar, Cypress


As a boy, Joel’s family Christmas trees were 16’ tall, took days to decorate, and filled the house with the scent of balsam. One night every December, Joel slept in the living room enjoying the warm glow of the Christmas lights.  Our blue spruce candles are cheerfully made with these memories.

<3 Joel and Katy

Each of our candles is blended, poured, and labeled by hand. They are made with 100% American coconut soy wax, have a smooth, creamy finish, use a specially braided cotton wicks with no zinc or lead, and shine beautifully in casually elegant, traditional, apothecary jars. Fragrances are carefully chosen to pleasantly fill a large room, like a living room or kitchen, when lit, or a small room, like a study or bathroom when unlit. 

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Our candles are made with unique essential oil and fragrance oil blends in a soy and coconut wax with a cotton wick in a traditional, glass apothecary jar.

Burn Time

Burn Time: 45 Hours

9.5 oz. (not counting container)

Dimensions: 3" x 4" x 3"


Can you take the jars back?

We really wish we could and so appreciate you asking! Unfortunately, when glass is used repeatedly, it weakens the glass. With no way of knowing how many times reused candle jars are being cycled through, we can't in good conscience take them back for reuse and still stand by the quality of our candles. Please rinse and recycle <3

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Best Christmas-y smelling candle!

This is my second Balsam candle from Joy Lane Farm. Love it! Quick shipping too. Thank you!

Great scent!!

I purchased this as a gift for an Aunt in Cali who grew up in Maine. I was SO happy with the scent! It will transport her back "home". Would definitely purchase again!

Best Smelling Balsam Candle

This candle smells like you are in a pine forrest. It's perfect for that Christmas feeling. It burns beautifully. I even like to leave mine with the lid off unlit and it makes the room smell great.


Someone gifted me this candle for Christmas and I loved it so much I purchased another. Amazing quality and such an authentic scent. It's almost magical they way they have captured the essence.

Elisa Zoller
Buying another one!

I just bought this for a Christmas present and will definitely be buying one for our own home. So far this and your Applejack and Peel are my favorite candle scents.

Thanks for Shopping!

Joel and Katy