Thanks for shopping! <3 Joel and Katy
Thanks for shopping! <3 Joel and Katy
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100% Natural Bug Spray Made with Essential Oils and No DEET Dopey Bug by Joy Lane Farm

Dopey Bug Spray

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We make our 100% natural Dopey Bug Spray with essential oils that repel mosquitos, flies, and ticks. No DEET is used. For extra protection, use our Dopey Bug Soap made with the same essential oil blend. We hope you love it!

<3 Joel and Katy

Active Ingredients: Soybean Oil (23%), Castor Oil (10%), Citronella Oil (3.5%), Rosemary Oil (2.5%),  Lemongrass Oil (2%), Cedar Oil (1.5%), Geranium Oil (1%), Peppermint Oil (1%)

Inactive Ingredients: Water (55%), Wintergreen Oil (.5%)