Pumpkin Patch
Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch

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The perfect blend of warm fall spices with a true pumpkin center

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Top: Cinnamon, Nutmeg
Middle: Pumpkin, Clove
Bottom: Vanilla

Introducing our Keramikk coconut candles. We designed these to be the finishing touch on your newly renovated space and the hard-to-find, perfectly unique gift you give your friends. It’s made with a natural coconut and soy wax blend, self-trimming cotton wick, carefully selected fragrance, and a ceramic tumbler. Every fragrance is phthalate-free, and no paraffin wax is used. The label features a hand drawn, country scene of Rollinsford, NH where it was made, and is done in a neutral grayscale to complement any space. The label from size to font, like the Scandinavian culture that inspired it, is minimalist.

Over years of candle making, the question we get asked most is what to do with the jar once it’s done? Our labels are made using a custom adhesive that makes them easy to peel off, so once your candle is done, you can remove the label and use the ceramic tumbler for succulents, herbal tea, or any creative project. Our favorite piece is the cover, which is made with botanical paper, a special ecofriendly paper embedded with wildflower seeds that you can actually plant instead of discarding. Just cover it with 1/8” soil, water, and enjoy the wildflowers that bloom. The paper is beautiful to look at with a handcrafted texture and seeds accenting the drawing, which is a scene of the reservoir near our home where we like to walk and rest.

Our coconut candles are tested extensively to maximize burn time and eliminate soot. The wicks will self-trim, not building up carbon like other candles, and will produce a beautiful flame. As our Keramikk Candles burn, the pottery warms, melting the wax along the sides, so that your left with a ready-to-use ceramic tumbler after 52 hours. Each one is hand poured in our studio in Rollinsford, NH.

We believe scent is the last touch on any space and look forward to seeing how you’ll use these candles as the finishing touch in your new living room, kitchen, or bathroom. You can tag us @joylanefarm to share! At Joy Lane, we also believe the best gifts are unasked and unexpected and are happy to include a note with your Keramikk Candle when you order it for a friend. Just write the note in the order notes, and we’ll put it in for you.

Keramikk is the Norwegian word for Ceramic. Our two new scents--Fjord and Veurne--are in honor of Joel's Norwegian heritage, and our sister-in-law, Lisa's Belgian family, remembering that the creative projects we pour ourselves into are an overflow of what has been poured into us.  

<3 Joel and Katy

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